Source code for compilertools.imports

"""Import machinery"""

import sys as _sys
from os.path import join as _join
from os.path import isfile as _isfile
from import MetaPathFinder as _MetaPathFinder
import importlib.machinery as _machinery

__all__ = ["ARCH_SUFFIXES", "update_extensions_suffixes"]

#: Current arch compatibles suffixes

[docs]def update_extensions_suffixes(compiler): """Updates file extensions suffixes compatibles with current machine with ones from a specified compiler. Parameters ---------- compiler : str or None compiler name. If None, uses default compiler name on current platform""" from compilertools._core import ( suffix_from_args, get_compile_args, get_compiler, log_exception, ) try: compiler = get_compiler(compiler) suffixes = suffix_from_args( get_compile_args(compiler, current_machine=True), _machinery.EXTENSION_SUFFIXES, ) suffixes_index = ARCH_SUFFIXES.index suffixes_insert = ARCH_SUFFIXES.insert index = 0 for suffix in suffixes: try: index = suffixes_index(suffix, index) + 1 except ValueError: suffixes_insert(index, suffix) index += 1 _PROCESSED_COMPILERS.add( except Exception: # Compilertools should not break user application, but only back to compatible # mode. Exception is logged instead of risen. log_exception()
update_extensions_suffixes(None) class _ExtensionFileFinder(_MetaPathFinder): """Path finder for extensions with architecture specific optimizations""" def find_spec(self, fullname, *args, path=None, **kwargs): """Finds module spec using new arch specific suffixes See for more information.""" sys_paths = _sys.path file_name = f"{fullname}.compilertools" for sys_path in sys_paths: file_path = _join(sys_path, file_name) if _isfile(file_path): with open(file_path, "rt") as file: compiler = if compiler not in _PROCESSED_COMPILERS: update_extensions_suffixes(compiler) sys_paths = [sys_path] break for suffix in ARCH_SUFFIXES: file_name = f"{fullname}{suffix}" for sys_path in sys_paths: file_path = _join(sys_path, file_name) if _isfile(file_path): loader = _machinery.ExtensionFileLoader(fullname, file_path) return _machinery.ModuleSpec(fullname, loader, origin=file_path) return None _sys.meta_path.insert(0, _ExtensionFileFinder())